Our Story

Perspectives Worldwide is a 501c3 public charity that was founded in 2018.


Chase Brown, President

Grayson Huskey, Director of Fundraising & Marketing

Josue Bampende, Director of Local Events and Podcast Host

Rowland Pettit, Regional Affiliate – Houston

Board of Directors

Chase Brown, Chairman of the Board

Jimmy Brown, Vice President and Treasurer

Susan Brown, Secretary

Grayson Huskey, Board Member

Ren Ellis, Board Member

Rowland Pettit, Board Member


If you would like a copy of our most recent annual Form 990, email us at info@perspectivesww.org and we can send that over.

Mission Standards (SOE)

We follow and put into practice the Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions:

1. God Centeredness – seek first God’s glory and His kingdom, which is expressed through our purpose, lives, and methods.

2. Empowering Partners – establish healthy, interdependent ongoing relationships between sending and receiving partners, which is expressed by focus, plans, and mutual trust.

3. Mutual Design – collaboratively plan each specific outreach for the benefit of all participants, which is expressed by on-field methods.

4. Comprehensive Administration – seek first God’s glory and His kingdom, which is expressed through our truthfulness, appropriate risk management, and quality program delivery.

5. Qualified Leadership – screen, train, and develop capable leadership for all participants, which is expressed by character, skills, and values.

6. Appropriate Training – prepare and equip all participants for the mutually designed outreach, which is expressed by biblical training, on-going equipping, and providing qualified trainers.

7. Thorough Follow-Up – assuring evaluation, debrief, and appropriate follow-through with all participants, which is expressed by comprehensive debriefing, thoughtful follow-through for goers-guests, and pre and post field evaluations.