Short-Term Mission Trips

We host short-term mission trips, both domestic and abroad, that allow us to serve people in the area, and allow participants to grow their faith and perspective through engaging with other cultures, sharing the Gospel, and providing humanitarian assistance.  Our hopes for these trips are the participants will take what God is showing them back home and apply it to their everyday lives.

Previous trips include:

  • San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Lima, Peru
  • Shanghai, China
  • Stuttgart, Germany
  • Davos, Switzerland
  • Bregenz, Austria
  • Innsbruck, Austria

Scholarship Program

We provide funding and scholarships to individuals or groups who are participating in mission trips with other 501c3 organizations.  We know we are not the only organization that God can work through, so we feel called to share our resources and grow in unity with organizations that are also involved in missions.

Local Serve Events

Since we desire for our mission to have a long-term effect on the participants’ lifestyle at home, it’s important for our organization to be involved in our local community and connect people willing to serve with opportunities to serve people in need.  We partner with local 501c3 organizations to host volunteer and service events.