Meaning of Perspectives

When praying about the name of the organization, the word “Perspectives” kept coming to mind. In researching and discussing the name, we felt this name had layers of creative depth, meaning, and summed up the mission we have been given well. You may ask, “what do you really mean by Perspectives? Why Perspectives instead of Perspective?” Here’s a few fitting definitions of Perspectives and how it fits with our mission.
  • Perspective is often used as a synonym for worldview. Worldview is a term that describes a person’s underlying beliefs and values, that answer the difficult questions of life and order how you operate in the world. We feel called to impact the way we people view the world, which often results in a change in the way we interact with the world, how we behave, how we love, and how we prioritize.
  • There’s a specific reason for why we were given the name, “Perspectives,” instead of just, “Perspective.” It speaks on the importance of fellowship, collective thought, and conversations. No one person has a full and proper perspective. In order for us as individual’s to grow our perspective, we need to interact and have conversations with people who have different perspectives to learn from them, reflect, and discern the proper way to approach life and the world.
  • Part of the name Perspectives speaks on experiencing life through your eyes. As we experience more of the world and interact with more cultures it enables growth. Since creation is a reflection of the Creator, as we experience more of His creation, we come to know more of His reflection and come to know more about Him.
  • We want to enable and challenge people to look at the familiar or common things in their life in a completely different way, and to not just take it for granted or think, “this is what it is.” This is part of what inspired our logo. When you quickly glance at it, it just looks like the earth. But, when you look at it from a different perspective and take time to look and reflect on it, you see its two faces, interacting and engaging in the exchange of their cultures.
  • “Fishbowl Effect” – this effect takes place when a person is only exposed to one way of life their whole life. It results in thinking your way of life is the best without exploring or even thinking about other ways of life. We seek to help people grow past this, to provide travel and cultural experiences to people, so they can pray and reflect to approach life from the best view possible. Sometimes, the way we were raised was proper. But, sometimes, we have an opportunity to change and grow from looking at the world through a different perspective.
  • We feel the motto, “Serve People, Change Perspectives,” is very fitting to the approach we have towards missions and people. Each perspective we are trying to impact belongs to a person. And, while we are trying to grow that perspective, we cannot do so without loving on the person. These two actions go hand-in-hand. It’s important to focus on not trying to change the person, their personality, interests, etc. but instead growing the way they look at their life and the world.
  • The motto also sums up our specific approach towards our trip participants and our partners. We are seeking to serve people and these partnerships, and seeking to change the participants in our trips and programs.
  • Culture is the average of a people group’s worldview. If there’s anything you are desiring to change in a culture, you have to serve the individuals that make up the culture, and through that serving open the possibility of growing their worldview. No one is open to hearing the thoughts of people they don’t feel cares about them. Serving people can lead to the possibility of changing individual worldviews, which leads to the possibility of changing culture.
  • Our ultimate hope is to provide people opportunities to love others and grow their perspective to be more and more similar to the Father’s. The Creator of the universe is the only one who has the full and proper perspective and worldview on His creation. Part of why serving people is a part of that perspective growing process is because God is love and loved creation into being. The only proper way to interact with and view the world is through eyes of love.

Foundational Beliefs

These are some verses that God has given us throughout the process of developing the vision for this organization. We will seek to ground all of our actions in these verses to ensure we are being true to His Word.
  1. We believe in God’s ability to work and speak through travel, storytelling, evangelism, discipleship, and conversation. (Matthew 28:16-20)
  2. We believe in unity among believers and generosity with our gold. (Acts 2:42-47)
  3. We believe living for Christ and being on mission is a lifestyle and a sacrifice, not a hobby. (Matthew 16:24-26)
  4. We believe all cultures and nations display different and unique characteristics of our Creator. (Luke 13:29-30)
  5. We believe in waiting on the Lord and assisting other ministries in their long-term callings. (Galatians 6:9-10)
  6. We believe in listening to the needs of the people instead of accomplishing our agenda. (Proverbs 18:13)
  7. We believe our allegiance is to God alone and God gives us freedom to live for His glory alone. (Galatians 5:1)

Striving To Be Different

Here are some of the initiatives we are intentional about to be faithful to our mission.

Unity in Missions

  • God has made us aware of two key thoughts as the vision for this organization has developed. First, that we are not the only people He can work through to make a difference in the world. And second is that for the church to make the largest impact in the world, we have to be unified and strategic in our approach to serving and loving the nations. This is why we are intentionally pursuing to create networks and build relationships that cross denominational boundaries or state borders to result in a unified plan to efficiently and effectively reach these people around the world that need the love and assistance the Church can provide.

Travel & Cultural Education

  • We host podcasts to provide a platform for conversations around the topics of mission work, experiencing different cultures, and travel, and discuss where the Gospel intersects with all these areas. We use these podcasts as an opportunity to talk with the church and the community to find creative and innovative approaches to missions and serving people effectively to meet their needs. Guests are brought onto the podcast to discuss topics they have personal experience in, and answering how God has used travel to grow their faith and change their perspectives.

Local Service Partnerships

  • Often, international mission organizations are only focused on creating trips that are memorable for the participants and effective in serving the needs of the people we are traveling to. This is great, but this focus can leave the participants with no resources or support to assist in reflecting on the trip and implementing the changes they feel called in make in their everyday lives when they arrive home. In order to provide support for the participants, we are have two key initiatives we focus on. First, to provide support, such as mentors and post-trip devotionals, to assist in the reflection process. Second, build local partnerships with organizations so we can provide the participants with service opportunities to integrate serving into their everyday lives.