Mission Trips

We believe mission trips are one of the most impactful and powerful experiences God provides in our life journey with Him. All of us at Perspectives have been changed by our participation in mission trips. We have a passion to provide these types of experiences to fellow imagebearers so they can grow in their relationship with God.

Mission trips are first and foremost meant for us to serve God and serve the people, not only to benefit the participants. We have seen though observation and participation that some mission trips are lacking this complete approach to the trips. We hope to bring a fresh, intentional approach to mission trips to open the door for God to make as much of an impact through them as possible. And, we hope assist other organizations to enable all mission trips at all organizations to all countries have this full approach to mission trips.

Here are the 3 Broad Components of mission trips that we believe need to be present for the trip to be faithful and successful.

  1. Improvement in sustainability of the community or culture we are traveling to.
  2. Immediate spiritual impact by the Holy Spirit on all the individuals the mission trip reaches.
  3. Mingling, highlighting, and preserving of the cultures of the people.

We host two structures of trips that we believe further the mission of the organizations.

  1. Independent Trips – In these trips, we try to balance creating a great experience for our participants and effectively serving our foreign partners.
  2. Partnership Trips – We are able to further our goals of unity and communication within the Church through this type of trip. We partner with an organization hosting a mission trip to do anything we can to make the trip more successful and provide support or resources to assist in a need to organization thinks they have. We’re also able to grow our perspective in different ways of doing trips which results in our independent trips becoming an even better experience.