Media & Resources

YouTube & Podcasts

We host podcasts to provide a platform for conversations around the topics of mission work, experiencing different cultures, and travel, and discuss where the Gospel intersects with all these areas. We use these podcasts as an opportunity to talk with the church and the community to find creative and innovative approaches to missions and serving people effectively to meet their needs. Guests are brought onto the podcast to discuss topics they have personal experience in, and answering how God has used travel to grow their faith and change their perspectives. Our hope is that these conversations can create a microcosm of an experience to enable listeners to grow their perspective and faith, that otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

You can listen to the podcast here: The Perspectives Podcast

You can watch the podcasts on YouTube: The Perspectives Podcast

Blog & Articles

Our blog and article platform is provided for trip participants to share stories of mission trips they’ve been on and how they’re perspective has grown from their experiences. As well, this allows participants to elaborate on various topics related to travel, service, and culture.


In our trip testimony videos, we interview past trip participants to learn how the trips have affected their life back home and to give them a chance to share stories from the trips they participated in.